Targeting Alzheimer’s

Market Opportunity

Alzheimer’s Disease

  • 6.5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and related diseases
  • ~1 in 9 Americans 65+ have Alzheimer’s
  • U.S. market for relevant drugs expected to reach $5 billion by 2027


  • Developed by Columbia University
  • SPC-14 is a novel therapeutic.
  • SPC-14 targets NDMARS and 5HT4Rs to treat cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimers

Regulatory Pathway & Results

  • 505(b)(2) Pathway
  • Preclinical testing and proof-of-concept being lead by inventor Dr. Christine Denny of Columbia University
  • SPC-14 has shown reduced anxiety in animal studies 
  • SPC-14 may reduce behavioral despair
  • Scientific research agreement with Dr. Denny’s lab

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